CReATIVE-B Final Event

The   CReATIVE-B   final event
will take place in Brussels on 26 september 2014.


Salle du trône
Salle du Trône, Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgique


During this event, a roadmap of global data infrastructures supporting biodiversity and ecosystem research will be presented.

 In the last two decades quite a number of activities emerged to manage, share and deploy the fast growing data volumes from observations, collections, sensors and other data sources in biodiversity and ecosystem research. This data “gravity” pushed new applications and services, resulting in the development and establishment of large-scale research infrastructures. Following an initiative of the European LifeWatch research infrastructure, a number of large-scale data research infrastructures* with a global outreach in this scientific area teamed together in the project Creative-B (Coordination of Research e-Infrastructures Activities Toward an International Virtual Environment for Biodiversity)**.

 The collaboration resulted in drafting a global Roadmap focusing on common priorities and infrastructure engagement, enhancing infrastructure interoperability, and the legal and governance implications. Specific issues are addressing challenges to sustain data availability and services, user interaction and value delivery, cooperation for infrastructure interoperability as well as legal interoperability, and finally education and training. This Roadmap shows how global interaction is promoting complementary development while fostering synergy for supporting frontier research and addressing global and societal challenges. The event in Brussels will also highlight some implications for other stakeholders such as funding and governmental bodies.

 On this website you can find the programm of the event and register to be part of   CReATIVE-B   final event.

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European commission



Atlas of Living Australia (Australia)                    Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)                    CRIA - Reference Centre on Environmental Information (Brazil)



DATAONE (USA)                    GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility (World)       



GEOSS / GEOBON (World)       



    LifeWatch                SANBI (South Africa)




* Atlas of Living Australia, CRIA - Reference Centre on Environmental Information (Brazil), Facilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), DataONE (USA), Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GEOSS/GEO-BON Biodiversity Observation Network, LifeWatch, South Africa National Biodiversity Institute (South Africa)

 ** EC-FP7 Grant agreement no: 284441

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